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What Engine Is In My Ford 3.0Irs


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Hi All, just inherited my Dad’s Ford Sapphire 3.0iRS V6. There were only a limited number of them made in South Africa, 250 of them as far as I know.

I was wondering exactly what engine is in this car and where I could get a copy of a workshop manual. I have a lot of work to do on the body but intend on turning her into a beast.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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It should be a V6 Essex engine with Fuel Injection, modified hydraulic cam shaft and high compression pistons.

In the UK we had the 3.0 engine in the early Granadas. The Sierra's had a 2.8i and a 2.9i variant of the same engine which was later fitted to the Granada. The Sapphire only had 4 cylinder engines.

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Hi Bruce, thanks for the info! I have been doing some research and it would seem it is a 3.0 v6 6 cylinder engine with EFI.

I wonder if there was ever a workshop manual that was ever produced for this.


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