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Anyone Had Any Focus Issues? Advice Please!!

Paul Silvester

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Ive got a 2005 Focus, the Climate Pack version. Think its classed as a Mk 2 but not sure - its the newer shape one, but not the 2012 newer one, its an 05 plate.. A few weeks ago I noticed a knocking / rattling sound that seemed to be coming from the NSR.. It was now and then to start with, now its getting more and more often.. Ive had a mechanic look at it as it seems to be suspension related to me - Its very noticeable as someone gets in and out of the car, and especially when driving over contours of the road..

My mechanic advised that the subframe bushes were split, so Ive had them replaced today but its not that - the problem is still there. Ive had the coil springs and suspension mounts looked at and they are fine as Ive read this could be a problem, Ive had the subframe bushes replaced so its not them. Ive even had the tailgate looked at as also Ive heard that this is a common problem, but its def not that, nor is it loose wheel nuts ( before anyone suggests that!! ). The only other possible solution my mechanic mentioned was to have the wishbone suspension arms replaced, but I dont want to keep paying for things that may or may not be the problem, I want to know what the problem is!!

Has anyone else had issues regarding this? If so, what was the problem? Or if you havent experienced this, does anyone have any ideas what it could be??

Thanks in advance :)

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on the pic there is 2 suspension strut covers that rattle against the strut check these what bushes did the mechanic say he replaced as there isnt a subframe bush as such on the focus see the pic the one marked is the main one that splits and if replaced a full 4 wheel alignment should have been done average price to have this done is around 250 pounds anti roll bar bushes wear and cause a knock over bumps from what you have said it wasnt a ford dealer you went to was it when it comes to these issues most independants dont have a clue ive seen them bend arms trying to replace bushes


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