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Need To Find Clutch Part Numbers - Advice Please !!


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This may seam like a silly question but I am trying to find the correct part numbers for the clutch fitted to my vehicle.

When I have been to my local suppliers they always ask for the registration number of my vehicle to ensure the correct parts but never disclose this to me.

How can I find out which parts are correct for mine?

My vehicle is a 2008 MK6 Fiesta 1.4TDC

Any advice would be appreciated

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Have tried that website, plus others, but still no joy.

Can get quotes but still no part identification details. There seem to be so many different types available so am just trying to ensure I locate the correct items?

Ford part numbers would be a great help - it only I could get them?

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You could try a quote from fordpartsuk, they will give you prices and part numbers

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Fordpartsuk offer less than RRP prices and very fast shipping.

I purchased parts last Thursday from Trevor and received on the Monday.

That's fast considering I live in ireland and we don't have a postal service on saturdays.

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Hi all.

Have done what you have suggested and have now managed to get the correct part numbes.

At the moment Fordpartsuk quote about £164 and my local motor factors quote about £112, and that's for a Ford replacement kit.

Will see how it goes.

Thanks again

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