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Fitted Drls To My Mk2 :)


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Hi all!

Finally got around to fitting DRLs to my mk2 - and very pleased with the results!

I called VOSA and the DfT and they said that they shouldn't cause me to fail an MOT or become non road-legal, and that there were no regulations that I had to take heed of, so I fitted them today.Although I'm fairly sure my positioning meets the UNECE requirements for manufacturers anyway.

Quite easy to fit - just screwed the mounts into the bottom trim piece on the front bumper at the far side of the grill gaps, then they hook up to a relay which I positioned near the fusebox. Then an earth wire to the battery earth terminal just screwed on with a bolt, live wire from a live ignition source in the fusebox using a piggy-back fuse adapter, and another wire into the sidelight circuit using a scotch lock.

Have to do a bit more work tomorrow to wrap all the wires in black electrical tape for extra safety and so the multi-coloured wires blend in to the engine bay.

What d'you think?




Here's a night shot (even though they're DRLs and so won't really ever be on at night as they go off automatically when the sidelights are on... although I'll accept any hints or tips for how to configure so they just reduce to 50% brightness at night rather than off altogether please! :D).


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Very nice indeed. Cracking job.

You can get drl relays on eBay.

Cheers Clive :D

So you reckon it's just a case of switching the current relay for one that just goes to 50% brightness instead of off altogether.

Surely there must be a way to re-wire the current relay hmm... probs easier to go for eBay though. Any links?

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