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Ford Cortina Launched Fifty Years Ago!


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I remember this iconic car being launched back in 1962. I remember seeing the TV adverts and the new Cortinas in the Ford showrooms at the time. Later years I also owned several and fixing them and servicing them were childs play to any competent engineer. Needles to say our factory's car park was stuffed full of them all shapes and engine sizes. One of the best examples was the 1600E which was a very sought after model.

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My Dad owned a Mk1 Estate when I was a kid. I owned 3x Mk3 Cortina's. A 1.6L, a 2.0 GXL and a lovely metalic purple 2000E.

Great cars apart from the odd rust problems. Great for getting the back end out on wet days.

Almost forgot, I also had a Mk 4 2.3 litre Ghia for a little while as well.

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Wow that was bright!

yep and i had it resprayed aswell,

the same colour.

i loved that car :) it had a mk4 interior.

but by god was it gutless. :o it was either an 1100 or a 1300?showing my age as i cant remember. :o

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