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Iphone 5 Mounts


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Hi all,

I'm no doubt jumping the gun and not being too patient but I'm after suggestions on mounting kits that'll hold an iPhone 5. Had a dig on eBay but not sure of many of them. I have been using a Brodit ProClip. Very good but pricey and the new phone flops about in the existing mount so a new one is needed. Don't like suction/windscreen mounts as they tend to wobble about a bit so any suggestions on dash, a-pillar or vent mounted kits would be great. Thanking you all :-)

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In my guide for accessing the hidden dash storage I hinted of integrating a phone holder.

Well, here it is:


Currently only in the prototype stage, the assembly is designed to fold away and slide neatly inside the storage area.

The phone is held in place with a powerful Tetrax phone mounting magnet.


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My Arkon universal mount doesn't quite stretch far enough for iPhone 5 so I ordered a universal swivel mount from a well known auction site: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UNIVERSAL-MOBILE-PHONE-WINDSHIELD-DASHBOARD-CAR-HOLDER-SUCTION-MOUNT-360-DEGRE-/290750835996?pt=UK_Holders_Mounts&hash=item43b219ad1c

The mount arrived today, so I promptly screwed the base-plate to my Brodit A pillar mount and attached the phone mount to the base-plate via the twist and lock suction cup (the mount will also attach directly to glass). The mount secures surprisingly firm and holds the iPhone very securely and can be rotated to portrait or landscape mode with ease.

So far so good.

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That is awesome, I would pay the best part of £100 for something like that, especially if you can close and open the hatch with ease and the holder to spring in and out. I bet that looks mint at night, just a floating screen at a good level to see.

Please! someone manufacture this!

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There's a far cheaper alternative. I use a magnetic mount. The kit comprises a rubberised magnet which is about the size of a 10p coin which has a self adhesive backing fixed to the dashboard. It also comes with very thick self adhesive strip which fixes to the back of the phone, or the inside of any protective case. The magnet holds the phone very strongly and has never once fallen off or slipped. No ugly mounts or windscreen mounts either. Price just £4. Perfect solution in my book.

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Still got to wait for the charging cradle before I purchase mine though!

That may be a while as the lightning connector has an id chip that Apple are slow to release details of.

Some Chinese sellers are claiming they have working leads coming soon (the leads they currently have for sale will not work), but I am not going to risk buying any as my genuine lead became faulty and nearly damaged my PC and iPhone due to the id chip in the lead becoming short circuit. Apple replaced the lead with no quibble but if a genuine Apple lead could become faulty in less than a week, there is no way I am going risk plugging a cheap alternative connector into my £600 phone and risk voiding the warranty.

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Another great reason not to buy an iPhone :)

Maybe but what's the alternative? Fragmented unstable operating systems, a phone that can dial premium numbers, steal your personal details and wipe itself without your knowledge?

Not for me.

There are enough "my phone's better than your's" arguments on the web without this thread turning into just that.

So, back on topic...


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