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Error Code P2135 Tps


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Hi recently my car has developed a fault where it looses power during acceleration thought nothing of it until the system warning light came on red stars with an exclamation mark in the middle, after driving for a bit the MIL Light came on and up on running full diagnostics on the car the code P2135 is the issue I understand that I will have to replace the TPS but after getting part numbers from the current TPS I can't seem to match them with a new part so was wondering if the part has been obcelete and a new upgraded part fixing this problem has been released.

The car in question is a 2005 55 plate ford focus sport 1.6 with he 115bhp engine.

Hope someone can help me track down the correct parts.



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strange are you sure its the tps? reason i ask is when i had those issues it showed up as tps that was replaced and it happened again this time it showed the cam solenoid as faulty that was replaced and the fault happened again and was traced to a faulty ti vct cam luckily it was under warranty

the tps should be available the new foci and fiesta use the same ti vct system

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Don't scare me lol only had the car a week :( this is how it came about,

Bought the car drove a good 50-60 miles as motorway speed no issues what so ever used the car daily for the next few days with no issues then whilst driving down the motorway I felt almost like the brakes dabbing on but passengers could not feel it so I ignored it as it seemed to go away, a day later it starts doing it all of the time in which case the system malfunction light came on turned engine off and back on and it went back to normal, later that day it started doing it again and then the MIL light came on and the engine went into limp mode I go home and used the in built diagnostic and my own diagnostic tools to recover the code P2135 after doing some research it turned out that this was due to the connections on the TPS corroding and that they had changed to design to use good plated pins and released a revised version rung ford up explained the situation to which they seemed to agree with me and quoted me a price that is so high it's stupid.

So basically this is where I am the car has only covered 26k miles so has hardly been driven just hope it isn't knackered already could do with as much help as possible, more than willing to get my hands dirty, as cant afford garage costs.



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Found this,

Should a customer express concern about loss of power and that the MIL is illuminated in conjunction with DTCs P2135, P2119, P2176, on any other throttle position codes then the probable cause is a contact corrosion on both, the pins within the TP sensor and the wiring harness electrical connector.

To rectify this concern, the electronic throttle body must be removed, a new TP sensor and a new fuel charging wiring harness with both gold plated pins should be installed


Parts Required

Description Finis Code Quantity

TP sensor 1 483 794 1

Fuel charging wiring harness (vehicles with 1.6L Duratec-16V Ti-VCT (Sigma) 1 482 539 1

Fuel charging wiring harness (vehicles with 1.6L Duratec-16V (Sigma) 1 482 537 1

Electronic throttle body (if required) - bolts breaking 1 483 795 1

Screw 1 362 990 4


ford advise fitting the TP sensor and wiring first as they have modified gold terminals fitted to the multiplugs , this usally fixesthis issue

But What usally happens when you try and remove the old TP sensor from the throttle body is that the screws break , if this happens you NEED a full throttle body assemby

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