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Juddering Focus Tdci Please Help


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hi all.new focus owner her its a 1.8 tdci 2003 plate.it was running fine until yesterday when all of a sudden it started juddering and making a noise like a lolly pop stick in spokes.this only seems to happen when stationary,it still goes really well when actually driving it.has anyone got any ideas what is causing this?

cheers mart

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if i'm honest i dont know when it was last serviced.we bought the car from a friend of a friend.i have booked it into the garage tomorrow now.do you think it could be something as simple as needing a service?i also want him to to the timing belt aswell.are they belts on these?what should i expect to pay for a full service and timing belt?

sorry for all the questions


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quick update on this.it turns out the clutch is causing the juddering.the mechanic recons something has broken off and the clutch now needs replacing.he also found the pas pump is knackered as is the water pump.i decided to get these done and also the timing belt and a full service.

600 quid on parts and 350 on labour.gutted :-)

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