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Hi guys, new to the forum. Recently bought a 09 focus estate, it's a 1.8 tdci style version so nothing fancy. So far happy with it but I do have a couple of questions:

Seen somewhere isofix brackets for 15quid,but I need 2 of them,don't I, for two seats, what about front seat, can that be installed aswell?

Also need passanger airbags switch put in, anyone knows how much Ford will charge me for that?

Also wat to put front fog lights, is wiring already there and all I have to get is the lights themselves and a switch?

Later on I will mod it a little, source an armrest maybe a spoiler for the boot and a bluefin,

thanks for replys


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hi, welcome. to answer a few of your questions.

ford will charge a lot for labour, parts and enabling...i mean a lot! best just to stick the child seats in rear. far safer and more cost effective.

fog lights can be added, but check your harness for the wires first. should be a 2 wire harness to each fog. once you have that, you will need the lights, bumper pieces, light switch and possibly activating the ECU to tell it, it has fogs lights on front etc. (might be lucky on this last bit). it seems to me that its hit and miss on harness's and what is on them.

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So I took the headlights off and there's a plug taped to bunch of wires on either side. Am I lucky? A black and white/green cable coming out of it.

As for enabling ecu - will I need magic cable covered in one of the guides?

How much should I expect to pay scrappies for lights and switch?


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hi mate and welcome.

I think those are the fog light plugs, will check tomorrow as I need to take my headlight off.


that is with front and rear fogs


This has fogs and also interior light dimmer.

Both don't need activating via ELM cable. they will work plug and play :)

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