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Mk2 Ford Focus, Air Intake Nosie


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I have a MK2 Ford Focus 1.6 tdci, with 104k on the clock.

I have recently developed a problem, when I am driving and approach 2k revs I would hear a whistling/suction noise.

This is continuous as long as you are driving, what would cause this.

I fear that this is the turbo on its last legs, but the car still has power.


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does it sound like the blowers are coming on?

check the rubber hoses for the intake...physically use your fingers and push the pipes to check for splits.

on my 1.8tdci, it developed a split on the elbow pipe at the top of the engine...car just made a whoosing noise like the blowers were coming on but still had power...but...does pump out a lot more smoke as its burning more diesel for this power.

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Yes, does sound like the blowers are coming on... had a brief look around the pipes but they seem fine, any specific pipes to look at ?

No no extra smoke to indicate burning more diesel, still get average MPG too..

Thanks for your help John

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