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Can Anyone Help Please - Tddi Starting Problems


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Hi All

Found this forum tonight and wondered if anyone can offer some advice to a female - own a TDDi 2000 focus and a couple of weeks ago, i had problems starting it - wouldnt fire up first time but after few turns, it did - was then fine, and no more problems until today. I had it booked in at local mechanics to sort out a noise which I felt was possibly shock absorber - when I was ready to take it, took couple times to start - mechanics had it up on ramp and couldnt find anything obvious for the noise I could hear so took it for a run - it stalled and he had difficulty restarting it - then after a bit longer, it stopped completely and wouldnt jump start. They collected it and have been unsure as to what it could be and they settled on the diesel pump (VP44??)

So after typical female waffling, wondered how we would know if it is definitely the pump, or anything else he could try as he seems baffled? I have managed to find a place to send the pump to be reconditioned if it is indeed the pump but how do I know for sure?

I need a car and am stuck without it so really want it back on the road asap -

Thank you for reading and look forward to hearing any suggestions

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a mate of mine had the same issue he to was advised it was the pump but after taking it to ford it was diagnosed as the injectors new injectors were fitted and hes had no issues since if you take it to ford they hook it to a machind that can check the fuel flow injectors etc when a garage says they arent sure walk away theyl happily take youre money saying its the pump but if that doesnt cure it theyl drain a fortune from you replacing parts

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