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Any Help? Dashboard Needles Take A Long Time To Load


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I recently replaced the factory stereo in my 57 plate fiesta with a different one after experienceing signal problems. The replacement unit was even worse than that factory one so i changed them back. However since then, my dashboard takes an extremely long time to "boot" i suppose you could say. Obviously there is always a slight lag between turning on the ignition and the needles coming to life, but i can drive 200 yards down the road before any of my needles start registering.

Has anyone else ever experienced this? I dont see how the ISO block on the back of the stereo could be causing this problem? And it's not like the dashboard isn't working at all, it just takes a long time to load.

Thanks in advance.

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First point of call is to check the battery for a good charge and clean connection and then earthing points. That should rule out any basic electrical issues. If it persists then you probably need to visit a dealer or independent with the diagnostic equipment to read out the fault codes and make sense of them.

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