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Pollen Filter Cover Being Evil!


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Well a few months since I serviced my car I'm now being haunted by the pollent filter cover. I used new clips, new seal and cleaned it meticulously and still it wants to ping up about 4/5 mm. Fortunately its not letting any rain in well I guess it is but its not wet inside the car. Even put a run of silicone sealent which has pulled away on part of it, perhaps not flexible enough for the application.

I'm going to take it all apart, clean it up again and reseal it using a butyl double sided tape. Ford sell it at £15.08!! fini number is 1128983 aparantly the parts guy said this is what they used before the new seal which my opinion is poor, although I suspect the reason this pulled away is my pollen filter cover is warped slightly but I'm not spending £50 on one and a used one is a false economy possibly with the same problem.

So I'm now trying to figure out what to do. I guess I should take it apart again, clean it up, new seal but not the ford one a butyl double sided tape which is supposed to be very sticky and water proof and fine for plastic and glass and will pull it altogether well ? what do you think ?

Maybe try and bend the cover a bit where it bands out a bit to get a tighter seal. I realise its not ment to be water tight but it should sit on it better.

Anyone know what width the butyl should be or not sure it matters much. I noticed its about 50mm on ebay and 20 I think.

...It did occur to me it might work out easier and simpler to replace it all, but I'm reluctant to spend that much on this. Never had so much grief with a cover anyone owuld think I bought French,.hehe

or maybe a thicker bead of silicone...

I'd be interested in any ideas to [possibly try

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