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Help! I Have An Endura 1.3 Engine Does Anybody Know Of A De Cat Mod?


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Hey people I have a mk5 fiesta but it has a crapy endura engine In it, I'm just wondering If anyone knows a decat for them I can't find a manifold anywhere but was wondering if the mk2 manifolds fit it as they are decat as standard. If not I'm gunna get one custom made, prolly not worth it but I like the noise ;) haha


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Get some ally pieces, rivet them together then seal them with heat resistance sealent, after all its just a hot duct, if you want a full annular system its costing a grand, you can get a sport pipe for 70, but thats only cat to mid box, but no mufflers, simply remove your current system from the cat, fit the pipe then find a backbox to fit or a length of pipe from the backbox to the new pipe

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