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Hi all, had my focus 1.6 petrol 2009 titanium for about a month now and wife and i have noticed very slight like hesitation or missing feeling when accellerating.

Not always and i think its got slighly better when i stopped using supermarket petrol, i usually use Shell and feel its better though maybe i am imagining it lol.

However its still sometimes there but we bought it a long way from home but do have a one year warranty.

Any ideas would be very greatfully recieved.

We totally love the car and bicker over whos gonna use it to take to work, which we never did with our old zafira lol.

Regards andy.

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at what sort of speed/rpm do you notice the hesitation, is it all the time when you dip the throttle or at higher revs?? Its could be the lag which is normal on the "drive by wire" modern engines. My 1.8 (2008)petrol does this up in the higher rev range between 4th and 5th when accelerating.

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