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Can Anyone Explain What The Fault Is Please


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Hi, I am new to the forum.

Due to an idiot writing off my car I have borrowed my uncles 02 Ford Focus Zetec. He has only used it as a spare to drive a couple of miles to the stables and back for the last few years.

Its pretty low mileage and runs well enough, I actually quite like it.

Its has been serviced regularly but has some strange faults which the garage have been told about, but dont seem to have fixed. My uncle didn't care as he never went very far in it.

First, and most annoying is the speedo. After 4 miles, same every time, the speedo needle goes to zero, it comes back a few miles later. Unfortunately there are speed cameras on this section of my drive to work :D or I wouldn't really care. Sometimes its just the speedo needle and others I can definately feel a loss of power and the digital readout goes too.

Also it seem to enjoy displaying random warning lights. Its favourite is the traction control one, it comes on for a few miles and then disappears. More worrying is the occasional appearance of the engine management light, again only for short periods. There have been others. My uncle says it has done this for years but when the garage have looked it wont do it.

Someone told me these are common faults for a Focus, can anyone suggest what causes them and how to fix them. It would be nice to give it back without the faults as a thank you.

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This is a known fault try googling but I think a lot of people solved the issue by popping the cluster out and spraying the back with wd40. It's the solder on the back or something can't remember but it is a cluster fault hence the lights and loss of info. Give the problem a google, think my solution is correct but its been a while do worth double checking

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