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Clutch Travel


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Hi all,

So... after months of waiting, I picked up my new 62 plate 1.6tdci Zetec-S yesterday...

I've done a couple of hundred miles in it so far, and I've got to say I think it's AMAZING!! MPG is currently at 46... and i'm over the moon. A roads at 50ish seem to get the best MPG at the moment which suits me down to the ground as that's what my daily 40 mile commute is mostly on.

One thing i've found surprising so far is the amount of travel the clutch pedal has... It comes so high! and I'm finding it difficult/impossible to rest my foot on the pedal without seeming to engage the clutch slightly?

I don't remember ever having a clutch pedal that moved quite so much... Is it just me? or am I being stupid somewhere? i've always rested my foot on the pedal, but will i now have to completely stop that?

Other than that, I love the car... Plenty of torque and looks stunning. Over the moon with it all round.

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I have the same issue with my 08 1.6 focus zetec. My brake and clutch fluid is quite low so I thought that might be the issue?

Hopefully someone can shed some light on this one.

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yeah same on my 1.8tdci focus and my sisters 1.4tdci fiesta, the clutch is very high compared to other cars. Peugeots for example are really low, near the floor.

but this could be down to the hydraulic clutch systems. because of this it is recommended that you dont touch the clutch pedal unless changing gear, as the slightest touch can engage the system....causing premature wear on the clutch and parts...ie classed as riding the clutch.

took a bit of a training but now i put my foot on the indent next to the clutch, so its not touching at all....like i say takes time and being conscience on where your foot is...

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sisters rover uses the ford ib5 gearbox and even with a brand new clutch kit theres not much difference in the height dads citroen is the same yet his nissan was near the floor my mk1 had a new clutch and again the bite was high and pretty snappy

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