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Wheel Clamping Banned In England And Wales

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Some great news for you all! Clamping on private land has now been banned in England and Wales so no more cowboy clampers roaming the streets. Check out our story for all the facts http://www.fordownersclub.com/news/clamping-banned-in-england-and-wales/

We think this is some of the best news that us motorists could get but what do you think?

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The problem is that laws concerning private penalty enforcement has also been reworked so that it is harder to just ignore the tickets.

Before this the tickets were issued to the driver of the vehicle rather than the owner.

That's where it used to go in our favour, as if you refused to say who was driving the car when it was left on their land they could not force you to provide the information and therefore could not enforce the ticket

Now they have the ability to find out who the registered keeper is from DVLA and can enforce the tickets.

One benefit from this ruling is that you won't come out to find your car missing with no way of knowing it's been towed away as the ticket is blowing away into the distance never to be seen again.

TBH, if you read most parking enforcement signs they are unlawful as they tend to state that parking in a certain area is illegal - cobblers, unless you are obstructing junctions or access routes etc. no parking is technically illegal now.

Parking laws were decriminalised ages ago, that's why councils took it over with Civil Enforcement Officers and you no longer see Traffic Wardens.

Parking on private land is technically trespass which is not a Criminal Offence unless you cause damage when entering an area or the place is under SOCAP regulations which covers certain areas within the Official Secrets Act or areas of Critical National Infrastructure which then becomes Criminal Trespass.

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