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I've just joined to be able to ask this question, I've read similar posts with people having the same problems but I still can't find an answer.

I've had my fiesta for about 3 months now and one thing i've been very pleased with is the way the audio system works. Allowing me to connect my iPod and then through the ford iPod navigation system be able to select a playlist, an artist or chose to shuffle my entire library.

However, this has suddenly stopped working. I can still play music through my iPod and skip tracks but i am unable to use any of the other relevant features, which is incredibly annoying! I now have to chose a playlist or song prior to connecting it to the ford audio system, and when i press any buttons which would have previously displayed the options relevant to having an iPod connected, such as playlist, artist, song, genre - i now get the message 'please wait' and then it just returns to the title of the song already playing.

It's an iPod nano 6th generation connected to the ford audio system with a standard iPod usb cable - i haven't changed anything to do with the iPod during the time it was working fine to not working.

Apologies, for the long-winded questions! Any tips or comments from people who have encountered the same problem would be hugely appreciated.

I have the same problem when trying to use another iPod and when attaching an aux cable as well.

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I have the Nano 6th gen as well and had no problems yet in my MY2011 with the latest software upgrade. Agreed it works really well. I would try an iPod factory reset from iTunes first although if you have tried another iPod this may not help. The only other suggestion I would have is to disconnect the power from the stereo for 10 minutes (remove the fuse) and see if that resets anything.

Hope this helps - and good luck!

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thank you very much for the comments! I've update my iPod, but I will definitely try resetting the whole thing - and will let you know if it works. As far as I'm aware it has the latest software as the car is only a about 4 months old!!

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