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2012 Fiesta Dash Steering Adjustment


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hi all, new to this forum, but just wanted a few answers from fiesta owners

ive only just noticed tonight sitting waiting for my partner i had a play with few things in my car as only purchased car few months ago ..

well i noticed that i could lift my steering wheel upwards towards the roof as such, bout half inch/inch, so i loosened the lever to adjust the steering wheel and held it up then clipped lever bk down and it went bk to the position previous, so i tried again incase i hadnt the clipped lever bk properly and it done the same, so i lowered the steering wheel to the very bottom and clipped lever bk and it still had the same play as it did at the above height.

so is this normal and does your fiesta do the same?

much appreciated if someone could get bk to me as im abit worried now lol

cheers x

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Hmmm, that doesn't sound right to me. From what I remember, the lever in our Fiesta is particularly stiff... might be worth checking that you've pushed it back up fully. If it is, you need to take it in to be looked at, play in the steering wheel adjustment could be quite unsafe!

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