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Bbs Rs Alloys Thinkin Bout Puttin These On My 03 Fiesta Was Wondering Bout Specs???


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You need to make sure the overall diameter of the wheels and tyres is the same or within 2.5% of the original set up. Otherwise it will screw up your speedo and affect performance.

Also I believe Fiestas are around et35-38 so those new alloys will stick out by 5-8mm.

Lastly you'd need 4x108 for a Fiesta.



What size are your current wheels?

Check your new tyre sizes here:


Just put in your current tyre size and see what it suggests at the bottom, you'll need something under +/-2.5%

If you get the right size tyres on your rims, then it won't rub any more than it would on your normal setup.

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