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I have got a Silver 07 Mk6 Fiesta, and over time I have just been making very minor modifications and I have a few of questions that I would like help with;

1. I have bought some LEDs to which I hope to put in the footwells of my fiesta, seeing as there isn't any connections down there, is there a way in which they could be fitted so that they only come on when I open the door, like the roof light?

2. I want to get an underseat sub for the passenger side, would anyone have any recommendations? I dont want anything to big, hence why I am opting for the underseat style.

3. I want like a touchscreen satnav and music system where my current radio is at the moment, (which is like this one post-30072-0-33313100-1350348450_thumb.j ) and this is the sort of thing that I would like in its place, ( post-30072-0-18769800-1350348717_thumb.j ) does anyone recommend that I do this, and what should I get to out in there instead?

Thanks, all help is appreciated.

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Regarding the footwell lights, easy one, just run a spur up the pillar to the courtesy light and connect to the live feed that switches with the door.

As for subs, not much experience with them myself but as long as it fits under the seat and doesn't interfere with the rear footwell vents you'll be fine.

The radio you've shown is a good choice as it will be a straight swap for the standard one and will, if it's ones I've looked at myself also have bluetooth and usb connectivity as well and plenty of ports on the rear for amp and reversing camera connections etc.

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Pioneer manufacture flat subs around 1 inch thick and designed for boot or smaller ones for under seats. Check caraudiodirect.com

Best power results run a positive feed directly from the battery.

I used to be big in to bass as you can see below lol 2,700watt system more bass than horses


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