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Rear Wiper Motor Focus Estate 2004 1.8 Petrol

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Hello, I have problems with my rear wiper.

It wasn't working properly and local ford garage suggested new motor needed. Because I am low on money I bought second hand one online. Ford gargage fitted. Now intermittant and stops in vertical position. Two questions:

1)What is most likely cause of problem - ford garage says replacement motor faulty?

2)What would be a reasonable quote for a new motor fitted by a ford dealer?

Thanks for any help, Peter

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What Ford have failed to check is a common fault.

The wiring in the rubber conduit between the car roof and the boot lid has a habit of getting brittle and snapping.

I'd lay money that's where the fault lays.

What do you think Ford would rather do? Charge you silly money for another motor or a couple of quid to fix a wire?

Visit a local garage and ask them to check the wiring, half hour job and won't cost you an arm and a leg.

If you know your way around a crimp set you can do it yourself.

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if it was diagnosed then the second hand part is faulty with these type of items its wsted economy buying second hand parts as they tend to be faulty also the scrap merchant should take it back

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