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Focus Climate 1.8 2006 - Double Din - Help Needed

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Hey Guys,

New to the forum, but it seems a great forum to be involved with.

I passed my test a few weeks back and bought myself a 1.8 litre, ford focus climate 2006.

It had the CD6000 in and I wanted bluetooth capabilities etc, so instead, I've gone and bought an Alpine CDE-W235BT Double DIN.

It's a great head unit from what I can tell, I've wired it all up, it works.

I've fitted the steering wheel control box, they work.

Bluetooth is great, all the functions are great.

BUT; It doesn't fit.

I'm aware I need a facia, as the CD6000 is actually bigger than a double DIN, and I've found facias online - but the alpine cage is actually too big for the empty hole left.

Do I need a different cage?

I've never fitted a CD player before - Is it just as simple as clicking something in?



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Do you mean that the cage will not fit into the dash or that it won't fit through the fascia?

If it won't fit in the dash i'd be surprised as like you say the standard Ford double din radios are larger.

If you mean that it won't fit through the fascia then try removing that and then attempt fitting the cage.

This is the style of fascia you have-


This is the fascia you need-


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I was literally about to link to that product - but it's £49.99 where I found it, thanks a lot for saving me some money!

It does look right, it's the little notches etc that are in the way don't seem to be on the link you provided.

And actually, I screwed the silver console up removing the radio because i didn't have the right keys - went to ford today, £33.00 for a replacement, and £32 for the cage etc from halfords.

So to solve all of my problems, all I require is this kit and no cage? as my alpine cage will fit into this fascia?

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