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Focus Keyfob


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Hi everyone

Upto now its doing nothing ive tried the key reprogramming on an off 4 times the car buzzes but does not buzz again to indicate its accepted the key,ive had the keyfob tested its fine.Next i have unplugged the box on the drivers side footwell hoping that it would reset,it didnt so ive turned the fusebox round and removed fuse 63 checked it put it back in,nothing!

So what next, if is going to be an expensive repair? ill use the key the car is a Focus 1.6Zetec 2002 thanks.

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Arnold Clark owns ford in Aberdeen i was quoted 50 quid to get my key programmed and was 3 pound for the battery but couldn't tell you what's up and if there is a fault what it would cost hope this helps

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try this mate

Look under the drivers side dashboard.

Under there attached on the right hand side right is a box which should say SIEMENS.

This is the remote control signal box.

Remove the cables attached to it and leave it for approx 1hr.

Go back to the car after an hour and put the cables back in.

it can be caused by static build up in the box quite common this is what the dealer would do

also a little unknown trick

Central Locking Test Function:

1. Open any door, keys out of ignition

2. Press the switch in the door frame part of the lock (the one that controls the interior light etc.) 6 times within 4 seconds THIS IS THE SMALL BLACK BOX NEXT TO THE METAL BAR ON THE CAR FRAME WHICH THE DOOR LATCH ATTATCHES TO WHEN THE DOOR IS SHUT

The result is a car that (until left alone for a minute) will flash both indicator lights each time any door or the boot is opened and it should also flash if you press any key on the remote.

If this doesnt happen with all doors, it could be a faulty switch or loom.

If it doesnt happen with the remote, it could be a faulty remote.

This function also reboots the central locking module, so it could cure the problem

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