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Rs 1600I Escort Mk3 Parts For Sale

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hey guys,

i had an escort rs1600i which i was got as a project, sadly i had to sell it as i didnt have time or the funding to complete it. iv got spare parts i need to sell. i dont know what any of it is worth but i know some of it is getting rare.

heres a list of alll the parts i have

if you are interested in anything please email me on sinan_tahsin@hotmail.com i have pictures which i can email.

inlet manifold


fan switch

foglight switch

boot lock mecagnism

winscreen water bottle and level indicator and hoses

set of doors in black electric window motor and glass included.

passanger side glass for front and rear

front suspention anti rollbar

glove box

bosch injection system

twin coil pack

rear shocks and springs

brake connect arm

instument cluster (needs a bit of attention as the mph needle is not on 0)

heater matrix

ecu for fuel system (blue box)

ecu (has padding on it it goes in the car on drivers side)

clock light dimmer switch and indicator stalk


front bumper corners

rear view mirror

petrol cap and key

gearbox and gaskets (needs attention it makes noise)


starter motor

front suspention legs (there red)

coolent bottle and level indicator


brake peddle housing


heating motor

heating matrix

wiring loom for complete car

full interior with door cards and parcel shelf carpert

set of 5 alloys need (refurbishing)


wing n/s turbo i think

2 belt tensioners for the front with the metel bracket bits

theres loads of swiches and brackets in the boxes.

front spliter

rear spoiler

thanks for looking

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I know it is a long time ago but am looking for two parts off a RS1600i and saw your post and thought I would ask. If you haven't got them maybe you may know someone that has?? I am looking for the two plastic hinge covers for the Scheel seats at the bottom but not the winder side the plain side for both chairs. Thanks Darren

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