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Lowering A Van!

Jack Osman

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Good evening everyone!

So here's the story, ever since I got my van ive wanted to lower it. I want to do it on springs, probably the 50mm ones, i think it looks great!

The only think is its a van, and i use it as a van, i often put alot of weight in it, 400kg or more most days. Ive been told the springs on the van are the same as the ones on a car.

But this is my question... Right now when i load up the car sinks down, a lot! And 550kg will make it sit on the shocks, so if i was to lower it by 50mm or so, how would putting weight in it effect it?

I have no idea, but would it just compress a bit but still take the weight, but be very stiff.

Or would it hit the shocks at the 1st sign of weight?

Hope someone can help!

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