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2010 Zetec S Owner - New


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Hi all,

I joined the forum a while ago now and have just never got round to uploading a few pictures of my car

as it's just been completely forgotten about or been busy with work. So here she is:


I know it's only one photo but I plan on taking a few more pics this weekend to add. Just a few questions for people if that's alright..

1. I'm thinking of getting a tailpipe fitted from Powerflow (RAiT Part No. - W x L RAiT76 - 3"T x 9")

Just wondered if anybody has an experience of shopping with them and also does it affect my guarantee on car as it still has 1 years remaining.

2. I was considering getting a set of DRL's, how easy are they to fit with someone of little experience? I spoke to my ford dealer about getting them to do it but got quoted at around £600 so I obviously told him where to stick that.



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Hi mate and welcome :)

Nice to see another white Zetec S :D

The exhaust will void the warranty if it is welded on, any bolt on or 'removable' exhaust tips should be okay.

The DRL's look awesome :) best simple mod you can do. I did it in almost pitch black with a small lamp last winter, not that hard to do. There is a guide by Preee on here too.

These are the ones I have


You can wire them to dim when the sidelights come on and can also wire up an off switch. Personally I want mine to go off when the foglights come on so I shall be looking into that soon

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Welcome to the forum mark.

To answer question number 1. I've fitted a piper duplex from ruderacing.co.uk comes with its own gurantee and runs from Dpf to tips.

I'm not sure about warrenty though to be honest I've void most of mine by fitting modifications and ecu remap.

And to answer question 2.

Preee has done a guide on fitting the DRL kit.

I also have them fitted almost one year and still going strong E marked and fully compliant

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