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Fitted Ford Mirrornavi

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Ford charge £299 plus local dealer fitting charges. About 1 hours labour taking the total to around £400.

Managed to get a new one boxed for £153 some time ago off eBay and fitted it myself. I spliced into the switched power feed that connects to the rear of the stereo. The cables run behind the glove box and up the passenger A pillar where the antenna is hidden then up to the head lining.

Turns on automatically on turning on the ignition and it turns off when turning off the ignition (after a 30s delay which you can override via pressing off now on the touch-screen).

I don’t like the fact that the unit is on permanently whilst driving whenever the ignition is switched on. You can switch off the garmin navi unit with on- off switch ( at top of unit) but you need to be a Contortionist to find it. To get round this I bought a 12v Remote Control On/Off Switch for £20 which cuts the power feed that is behind the glove box and is controlled by a small remote control. When the ignition is switched on the power to the unit is off until I press the on button on the remote control. Fitted this with velcro tape to the windscreen so I can still easily change the battery when required. Finished the installation with a Gentax mirror cable cover to hide the wire from the mirror to the head lining.

Mirror Navi £153

Gentax Trim £9.99 (eBay)


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12v Remote switch £20 (eBay)

Very pleased with unit and all works brilliantly.

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Never seen one of those, looks smart.

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Is this the unit that also doubles as a reversing camera?? If so I am VERY tempted.

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No, it's just a Satnav and not compatible with a reverse camera. It should be for what they charge.

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