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Ball Joint And Fog Mod

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Afternoon all, Travelling home from work last night I noticed a clunking noise as I went over some speed bumps, the other guys in the car reckoned it could be a ball joint and after some further investigation discovered it was on the drivers side.

How would I go about inspecting the ball joint or any other possible sources.

Fog light mod:

I would like to attach a twin circular fog light to replace my singular Uglier fog light, I was planning on using 4 Fog lights off of a Zetec-s And fabricate housing and fitting out of fibreglass then painting to match the body, I was wondering if there was any way I could connect both fog lights each side, without frying the wiring, per example, splicing another connector onto the existing wiring. Or if there was any dual fog light units out there that would be compatible with my car.

X reg, 2001, fiesta Zetec

On a lighter side, Opinions on my new grille?

Body colour or black?


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