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Footwell Lights


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Have you looked in your foot-wells to see if you have anything there yet? You may be lucky and have the sockets already there with power to them and just need to put in a decent bulb and your sorted.

The type of bulb you need is a 501 w5w wedge bulb.

You may find you already have the sockets but no wiring to them. You may find you have the wiring and no sockets. You may find you have nothing at all and need to retrofit yourself.

In which case, everything you need to know can be found in this guide:

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If you have a quick mooch at the second last post of this members thread, I uploaded photos of what the sockets look like and where they are on each side.


If you find them in your foot-wells your laughing. If not, it's simple enough to install yourself. I know one of our resident law men Stoney871 has recently installed them himself so he can advice you well on this. As well as Artscot79 who has installed front and rear foot-well lighting I believe.

As mines the ghia model, I didn't have to worry about this as mine come with them factory fitted :P but yeah it is straight forward to fit yourself and everything is explained in great detail in the guide I linked, written by our resident Godfather of modding himself (Lenny ;)) It also includes links to all the parts required on eBay.

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So if iv got the grey ones does the bulb simply just click in to them ?

Yes it plugs straight in to the grey socket mate.

Standard halogen type bulbs are ideal for testing and available in any motor factors.

You require a T10 w5w bulb.

And if you don't have power don't worry. I had the sockets and loom but no power too but you can easily snip them from the loom and run your own power see my guide in the list below this post if required.

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Yes mate sorry no foot-well lights. As Arhtur says, it's worth removing the glove box to see if the wires are hidden away and taped up. In that case you'd need to wire in the sockets and job done. You may get lucky.

It may be unlikely but as I've said they are easy to wire in yourself and run it to your courtesy light.

Have a read of Lenny's guide.

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