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Fitting Sub And Amp


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Hey, I'm trying to fit a sub and amp in my fiesta zetec 06 plate, I need bit of help finding the hole to put the wire from the battery through to the interior, where is it? Just looking for a quick reply as its dark and I cba looking for it.


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f your fiesta is a mk6 and your fitting the amp in the boot then their should be a 12v live behind the right drivers side panel for a 12v socket just put a spade connector in to it.

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Cheers guys saved me a lot of time and effort, I found the 12v live on the driver side panel ;) all set up now and sounds sweet.

Glad you got it sorted without getting dirty knees and elbows from trying to fish cable through the firewall to the battery.

Also you may feel increased base by fitting a "Pivot mega Razin" voltage stabiliser kit.

Ill be fitting and reviewing the kit in the coming weeks.

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