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Help Attaching Heating Units To Dashboard


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Hi guys, new to the forum.

I have a ford fiesta finesse firefly (don't know if this is important but thought i would be specific) 54 plate.

Anyway after trying various FM transmitters i decided to go for one of these FM Connects 2 that you attach to the back of your radio via your aerial feed.

Getting off the dashboard was ok, although should have used tape to cover the stereo (one of these 3 tier ones).

Now I'm trying to put it back together, but i think i have made it worse. To start with trying to get the wire to connect to the back of the knob that sets how high or low the temperature is without it pinging off. This is quite a task, but in doing so i have ended up pulling the spindle, that attaches to the heat distribution knob out and i have know idea of where it actually connects to inside the dashboard.

So any idea how I connect these two up?

Any help would be greatly appreciated and if you need any more information please let me know.


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The spindle pushes into to a wee bit on the right hand side if you get a torch youll be able to see it. If you push that into the control panel and then push the heater wire into position, it should push the spindle into position when you push the center console back into position. Its worth turning on you ignition and making sure that when you turn the heater control and the position control, everythings working ok before you screw everything back into position. Its fiddly as hell but you'll eventually get it. I stripped out that whole console to paint it and had similar problems when it came to putting it back together lol

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