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Noisy Lifters Tappet Noise

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Earlier this year i opened up a topic on this click or tapping noise i could hear from inside the car which i assumed was coming from the wheel bearing. After listening to hundreds of clips for this sound i came up empty. Gave up.

So it was 32F outside freezing so i warmed up the car and you can hear this clicky tappet noise coming from the engine bay, it sounds pretty much the same asto what i could hear when at high speeds 60-70mph) near the belt. Obviously the colder it is the louder it gets. When it warms up it's not so bad but this morning it was angry. If you pull off immediately without letting the car warm up you can hear it still clicking about. If it's warm it's hardly noticeable. I'll go out this morning and see if i can catch on camera.

Should i leave it alone considering it doesn't seem to harm or cause issue's while driving, or should i send it into ford while it's cold and have them take a look? Hopefully warranty will sort any problem it has now than when it runs out. Either that or have them take a look at it during it's second service in Feb 13.

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take it in asap

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So i finally got around to getting a video of this noise but engine wasn't as cold as i had to get up and do a quick run but it does get louder when colder or first morning sound. Should it be a worry or normal?

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Just a followup it's been booked into ford for Thursday. So they can take a look just hoping they don't come back and say they couldn't duplicate the problem. It def sounds like I'm running a diesel in the morning. Anyone else had a similar sound with the 1.4 engine?

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Not got this on a 1.4 but have on my wifes 58 plate 1.25... thought it was the followers or maybe the cams (she ran the oil a little low) but had the cam cover off and lobes look fine and no marks on the followers either... checked oil pressure and getting 50psi on idle...

I don't have much experience with modern Fords as I am a VAG man (I know the 20v 1.8t inside and out) but the noise suggests top end issues but its noisy below too...

Any ideas gratefully recieved as I have asked about on this and it seems that Ford don't carry or supply shells or other such engine parts should a rebuild be needed... the noise doesn't sound typically big end bearing related

Other than buying a new engine (which seems a tad extreme) I am looking at salvaged engines... hers is the 60ps version but most I have seen are 80ps... don't know if the power difference is engine related or just in the mapping (like it is on VAGs)



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