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Just bought a 09 Fiesta Style+ TDCI from Fords of Winsford but i notice that the car has a fixed key. Ideally i want to swap this to a flip one.

Ive spoken to my local Evans Halshaw's Parts department and they seem to think it cant be done. Anyone know if it is actually possible?

Also, does anyone know if i can get a module for my radio that would allow me to have A2DP bluetooth? (Preferrably without anything sitting on the dash connected to AUX...)

P.S New to this forum so be nice!


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Only down the road from you mate. The Evans Halshaw in Chester seem to be a lot more accomodating than the one in Wrexham if thats any help.

If anyone can do it for you, Safe & Sound would be a good bet

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Hmm, not heard of them - Where are they?

That was in response to the bluetooth question btw. There in the Deeside business park. Bottom end of Sealand Road(if you know where that is) on the way to Connahs Quay.

I've had them do all my previous installations when it comes to bluetooths and audio work

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Also if they're saying you can't have a flip key they're talking cobblers.

Buy one of these off eBay-


Transfer the circuit board and transponder chip from your original 3 button key and get the blade cut.

As it uses your original transponder and circuits there's not even a need to reprogramme it to your car.

Even if a Ford dealer did supply you a flip key expect to pay £120ish.

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