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Changing Heater Control Valve


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I have just purchased a Ford fiiesta 2001 freestyle for my Daughter, however I did notice the heater did not work (Always blows cold air) So I am presuming it is probably the heater control valve.

I am guessing I will need to drain the coolant from the system before replacing it? If so is there any particular coolant I should fill the system back up with or can I just use the normal stuff from Halfords.

Also I am guessing there will be a drain pug to drain the system under the radiator?

Any advice would be appricated



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I would pull the hoses off and let it drain whatever is in those pipes. You will only need a litre of antifreeze if that and top up with water.

It should have the pink stuff in the coolant but if it has had the blue stuff I would get that as you dont want to mix it. Just check it meets Fords requirements.

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