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Cruise Control


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Can't seem to add to the guide for this anymore.

I've retrofitted a 4 spoke steering wheel with cruise controls to my 2008 petrol Focus.

It's been activated in the pcm, gem and instrument panel but it isn't working.

I've got a C ending gem so I reckon this is the problem.

As the gem is only the fusebox as far as I can make out, it's likely to be just a single wire connection missing in the cruise circuit.

So - does anyone have any idea what is actually missing that is present in a D gem fusebox and is it possible to add this manually?


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The GEM is above and behind the fuse box , if you remove the battery you will see the rear GEM connection plug.

If you take a look at my ST ESP switch guide you will see the pictures of the plug also in the guide is a diagram of connections , if your missing CC connections you may be able to check the harness.

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Do you mean the plug next to the brake servo in the esp pdf?

That cable looks like it goes to the fusebox next to the battery.

I presume you are suggesting checking that the white and brown wires mentioned in the cc guide run from the passenger footwell fusebox connector into the engine bay fusebox?

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