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Advice On A Particular Part


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Hey all, have literally just signed up here to ask for advice.

I have a mk 7 TDCI fiesta and yesterday while parking in a new flat I managed to tear off what I believe to be the engine tray, on one of those security bollard things (you put them up to stop people parking in them)

Is this actually what the part is?? To describe; it's like a giant car mat with heat reflective tape in the middle..

If so does anyone have a link to allow me to find one? I'm tryin to avoid going straight to Ford as it'll cost a fair amount. The old one is torn so can't go back on.

Thanks in advance to any help.


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It's the undertray that protects your engine, radiator and exhaust from debris kicked up from the road as for part numbers never seen one that wasn't attached to the car

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