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Considering fitting HIDs to match the colour of the rings on my projector angel eye rings which have a slight blue hint to them. Is it better to fit HIDs to projector headlamps or does this make the glare given off by them worse? The last thing I want to do is dazzle other people/get pulled all the time. Ive read quite a few places that you dont realy get any hassle off the police/problems with MOT as long as you're not causing problems to other drivers/the beam patterns ok, am I right thinking the projector headlights focus the light better? Im not after a pure blue light just more of a hint of blue than you can get with any halogen bulbs ive tried because the angel eyes would look alot better with a similar colour dipped beam. I found some xenon colour led 501 side lights which look great. Just after advice not a slagging for considering HID's thanks :)

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Mot will be trouble as unless your lights self level and have washer systems fitted the hid will fail it most ppl just swap them back then mot and put the hids back in as for colour don't go above 6000k and the glare from projectors should be ok as long as they aren't pointing too high hope this helps and as for legality stoney (clive) our resident copper will be able to advise more

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My original headlights self level but the after market headlights ive fitted dont. I dont realy want to change back to the original headlights as the only reason I want HID's is to match the colour of the angel eye rings. Is it possible to retrofit washers to a mk 6? And if you're reading this stoney, what kind of trouble can you get in for having HID's fitted to your car? Cheers

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Traffic law is not my speciality but the worst you would usually get is a fixed penalty and a rectification order.

At worst maybe a ticket for the car being in an unsafe/un-roadworthy condition but that would be the extreme.

To be honest, most cops other than traffic wouldn't really know the legislation but would refer to traffic if they felt the car was not legal.

It could be said that if your car would not pass an MOT with the lights on then it's not safe for the road and would then invalidate insurance policies.

Tbh, I think there are far more important things to look out for than someone who's lights are don't have washers or levellers.

My personal view of course and nothing I say on this forum constitutes formal police policy or complies with police guidelines.

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Yeah thats obvious. I've seen a few cars with HIDs round here and the traffic police up here in Ayrshire can be fussy gits lol. To be honest you think theyd spend more time worrying about people whos bulbs have blown and are driving around at night with on headlamps rather than people with working lights haha. Would a fixed penalty mean points? Or just a fine?

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