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Brian  Reid

Broken Spark Plug

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Hi, I'm new on here and I have had a problem with my 2010 Fiesta with 34000 miles, one of the Ford spark plugs broke the tip/electrode off and has caused engine damage, I was just wondering if this has happened to many Fords. I know my mates Fiesta did the same thing and wrecked the motor.

Thanks in anticipation.

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I've had loads of fiesta's with spark plug issues, none have caused engine damage only a misfire, if you are renewing your plugs im sure they have replaced the known faulty plugs with uprated ones.

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Another sorry story of spark plug failure to report.

I had my 09 Fiesta serviced at the end of January, MOT on March 23rd (all with Ford dealers plus FSH from before) and then, March 24th, the spark plug collapses.The only option the Ford garage is giving me is a new engine.

Two weeks down the line and I am still without a car (the Ford dealership have put in a claim to Ford but I'm been lead round in circles getting invoices for services from before I even owned the car etc.) No courtesy car so I'm forking out for rental, Ford keep "reminding" me that the car is not in warranty and as of this morning have been told it will be yet another 48 hours before they get back to me.

What no-one seems to understand (there are 3 ford deals involved and Ford Customer Relationship Centre) is that from my perspective, this is a Ford problem. From where I' m sitting, a Ford mechanic fitted Ford approved plugs at a service less than a year before the problem. I don't see how they cannot stand behind that - someone is at fault (plug supplier, ford engine design, ford dealer/service department) but it certainly isn't me.

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