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hi guys and girls, i am going to need a saying goodbye to my mk1 focus in the near future as it is just not big enough anymore for the growing family :( ,

my question is can anybody recommend another ford that has a half decent amount of legroom in the rear (as being 6'6" the drivers seat needs to be right back in most cars!!), i have thought about possibly a focus/mondeo estate or even a galaxy (which would probably be better), really dont want to defect to a zafira etc unless i really need to.

budget will be around £2500 plus whatever i get for the focus.

pretty much the only requirements are that it is diesel and i can fit 2 kids in the back without having knees / feet thrust into my back every 2 minutes.

any help or advice would be very much appreciated

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Hi mate

sorry to hear that you are having to part with your Focus.

Have you ever thought about a mondeo? Get something like the TDCi as gives great economy and also can be quite torquey

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The amount of leg room in the saloon / estate will be the same, the only difference is the space in the boot. Check out the dimensions of the Mondeo v Focus and then go and sit in the rear seats at your local dealers.

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