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Few Configuration Changes - Can They Be Made?

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Hi Guys,

Looking at a few minor modifications, or should I say - changes to the configuration...

Does anyone know if the below can be turned on with the likes of the the OBD programs that have been discussed in previous threads (such as installing cruise control etc).

1) one touch up on the drivers window?

2) global open and close on key on a zetec model? (I know its normally only the titanium that comes with it?) as I only have front electrics it would still be a very handy feature to enable!

Will add more to the list as and when I think of it :)

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Hi Jeeb

The one touch will depend on if you have the double click switched on the doors for the windows , if you can feel it as you pull the switchup like it clicks and then moves further up then you will be able to activate it. But that can be done without the ELM.

Globale open/close will not work on just front two windows.

Hope all is wel with new Purchase :)

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Cheers Pree,

All is well so far, just looking to do the discreet customs' :)

Shame about the two window not working :( and looks like I have only the one click... Might keep an eye out!

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