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Thinking Of An S Max 2.0 Tdci

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Hi all,

I am giving serious thought to a used S Max 2.0 Tdci Titanium.

Probably looking at a 2007 model..

From the bit of research I have done so far there seems to be some surprising issues at not very high mileages..

Have I got it wrong with the S Max?

What do I need to look for and what catastrophies are there with this car ?

If you were in the market for a MPV thern which make and model would you go for?

Thanks in advance for any help / advice.

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well they do seem to have a decent bit of standard kit even in the zetec range as this is what my missus has.

i have a titainium and the extra kit is lovely,half leather,18" alloys(yep they need a refurb)cruise control,puddle lamps,convers+ dash board.

mine is an 08 model but bought with 100k on the clock,ive has it just over a year now and it passed its mot.so happy days for me.dont be put off by high mileage 1s aslong as its got history.

only you know how much you want to spend,do a search on ebay and auto trader etc for prices and go and have a looksie at a few.

like any car theres good and bad,luck of the draw.

i had a mk2 tdi ford galaxy and that was superb but there were others who had a pile of crud.

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Thanks for your response Greg..

I have seen a fair few on the road now that I am looking for one and they seem massive...BUT apparently they drive smaller than they are, if that makes sense.

There was a gorgeous example parked near to where i work today.. It was Black with privacy glass and looked like an FBi vehicle..

Personally I couldnt afford the needed amount of time to keep a Black car looking clean !

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lol the wifes car is black mines blue and on mine ive got a pan roof and dark tinted windows which look a lot better then the wifes motor lol,if funds allow go for a titainium version and obviously go for a newer 1 if you can,funny enough ive just been looking on ebay for various bits and there are loads on there at some very good prices,on the tdci's the timming belt needs changing at 125k,as said bought mine with 100k its now got just under 106k in 13 mths,so by my reckoning my belt wont need changing for at least another 4-5 years which will bring it in line for the age to change it anyway.

if you decide to go for a higher mileage 1 use that bit of info for discounting it if it hasnt been changed.

they drive like a car to be honest but look like a van,if you think there huge try test driving a mk2-3 galaxy.i had 6 doors loaded in mine but wont be able to do that in the smax.

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