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Replacement Key

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Hi folks, just picked up my 'new' 2011 2.0 TDCi S-Max Powershift and very happy with it. I have one quick query about keys. I have been given two 'remote' keys however only one has the actual key blade stored inside. I'd like to get a new key cut for the other remote. I've been online and looked at loads of pages and really can't find out if the key blade itself is 'dumb' and is just a metal key to get into the car and the electronics to allow starting/alarm are all in the remote fob, or whether there is something in the key blade itself such as an embedded chip.

You seem to be able to get the blank blade online for less than a tenner such as here:


and assume that I could get that cut at any decent key cutter to match the one I do have?

However if it isn't 'dumb' I guess I am at the mercy of the dealer to have something programmed? Can anyone advise me please?

Have attached a picture of my key so you can see what I mean. Many thanks for your help.


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The blade is purely just for emergency entry into the car if the battery goes dead.

All the twiddly bits are in the fob so a cut spare blade is all you'll need.

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Brilliant, thanks for coming back to me.

Incidentally, have tracked down someone who can supply the new key blade I'm after but they aren't local (nobody local seems to have the blade that fits inside the fob, just whole keys) so they are asking for the key code to cut it from and then send it to me.

Have dug through the paperwork that came with the car I came across a white sticker headed 'Ford Keycode security' with a Unit type and a serial number, along with 'Key Code' in a box with a 4-digit number. Is that the key code or does this relate to a radio security code? Help always appreciated. Thanks

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Cheers, suspected that might be the case - just seemed too easy!

I have seen ebay people that cut from photo but they only sell complete keys rather than the blade that fits inside the fob - very infuriating! Looks like I need to start punting around more locksmiths to see what they will do.

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Yeah cheers, that's the one I'm after! However spoken to 3 local locksmiths/key cutters who won't cut key blades they don't sell, but none of them actually sell just the blade as in that listing.

That seller offers to cut them to code, but I don't have the code! Aaarrgghh.

Do dealers charge just to tell me my key code (car not from dealer)?

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If you were to contact that seller them maybe they can advise you and possibly cut from a good quality photo.

Pity you're not in the south west as I have details of a local auto locksmith that cuts own bought keys with no trouble at all (he did my self acquired flip key).

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