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Removal Of An Aftermarket Headunit With Adapter Plate (06 Focus Mk2)

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Hi guys,

Just before Xmas I bought myself a 2006 Ford Focus Zetec MK2. The guy I bought it off had upgraded the headunit (for iPod integration & handsfree calling) but not the Speakers so I finally got around to buying myself some new Speakers & an amp but I cant seem to figure out how to remove the headunit. I am able to easily remove the small black trim around the headunit which exposes the cage but after that I have no idea how to remove it and I'm too afraid to try pull it out in fear that I'll scratch or break something.

I'm sorry if this seems a little stupid but I'd rather get some advice on how to go about this rather than trying to pry out my headunit with no clue what's happening, my previous Ford Laser was really straight forward. I got a picture of what I'm dealing with when the small trim has been removed.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated & thanks in advance! (Also sorry the picture quality is not great)


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You should have two prong things that are the removal keys. You just jam one down each side of the head unit between the head unit n the cage. Should be in the middle of the side of the head unit.

See my guide in my thread for that the removal keys look like.

Could even just jam a small flat blade screw driver down the side to dislodge the clips

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Or you can even just remove the fascia adaptor, uncsrew the head unit surround, remove the surround n pull the headunit with cage still attahed out the dash

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Looking at the picture , i see 4 location gaps two each side top and bottom of each side , you could try 4 nail files and slide them down each of the gaps , you will have to pull the radio from the front though as the proper keys when inserted allow you to pull the radio out

Brigante idea is the best , remove the facia , start from the bottom when removing it.

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Thanks for the help, after trying what you guys suggested I ended up taking it to the local car audio store and asked them to give me a hand. The guy said that the cage wasn't installed properly as the bottom of the trim hadn't been filed down which made it really difficult to remove but I took it home and fixed it all up.

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