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Timing Belt Or Chain?


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Hi guys.

I have a 2005 1.6 TDCi 110bph focus. It's done 108k miles and I am aware it needs the timing belt changed at 125k miles. But I have heard that the older models have timing chain.

Could someone clarify it for me?


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It has belt, and a chain. Belt goes from the crank up to the first cam, and the 2 cams are connected whit chain. Big boys by the shell's bar sayd that it would be smart move to change the cam chain while changing the belt, kinda achiles heel they sayd...

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The Focus Diesel 1800 is a modified Endura D engine from the 1980`s. Endura always had a belt drive as did most early Fords since the Cortina/ big engine Escort era. The 1600 Focus engine is a PSA joint project from Ford / Peugeot Citroen. This is belt drive as well. There was an early 1600 Diesel back in the 70`s that still is to be found in some old small boats. That too was belt drive. Before that I don't really know, I think the fitted a Perkins in small vans, as I have memories of a van that stunk of Diesel and didn't start on cold mornings.


See, Carl0s knows exactly what is fitted to it.

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