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Chaz Malcolm

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I quite like the stripes on the fiesta. Most people don't seem to like them but seen as my fiesta is black I was thinking Lime green viper stripes as well as the lime green zetec s stripes on the sides...

I personally think it could be a good head turner and hopefully more people will like the idea rather than dislike!!

Open to feedback on opinions! :)

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I think the lime green would look good with the black, mabee do the wheels or calipers in lime green as well, or some lime green accesories

MG/ rover did black cars with lime green stripes - there is one near where i live - you can't miss it :)

Its got to be done right (in the best possible taste :lol: ) or it might look naff

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Black car with lime green stripes.

Lime green calipers

And maybe see about the ford badges in lime green.

I think it would look mint but I know a lot of people that won't.

Suppose it's my car to do what I want with.

Like the Civic I have until the 10th.. It's red with black mugen stripes along either side.

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