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Engine Immobilisation Light Flashing


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Hi, I've searched for the above problem, couldn't find an answer.

Anyway the wifes vehicle is a 04 fusion2 1600cc petrol, this morning she got in to the car, the immobilisaion light was flashing, the car started and she went to work.

The light is off when the engine is running as soon as the engine is turned off (key removed), the light starts flashing again, is there anyway to cancel the flashing light apart from a main dealers computer?

Or is there a cheap/free OBDII diagnosic program that can be used, to cancel faults????

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this light will always flash when the key isnt in the ignition, it shows that the immobiliser is working, bottom line is you want it to flash

My father purchased the car new, then it was given to my wife (about 18 months ago) when he decided to give up driving, as far as we know the light has never flashed when the key is/was removed from the ignition switch hence my question.

Is it possible that bulb has never been seated in its holder and has never flashed before???

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Anything is possible, however I suspect it is an LED and is soldered in.If you look at the dash on any modern car it will have a flashing LED to say the immobiliser is on.

An LED maybe in the Fusion, all the dash lights in my Range Rover are bulbs.

As I said before, my father, wife and myself haven't noticed the light flashing before last weekend, just one of those mysteries I guess...

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