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2004 Fusion Does Not Fully Remote Lock


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Hi all

Just bought a 2004 fusion 3 and I'm loving it! My only issue is that the remote key fob unlocks all the doors fine and can unhatch the boot with no problems... but the lock functions sometimes doesn't work! When it doesn't - it makes half a noise and moves the rear wiper by 90 degrees - but the car doesn't actually lock.

Using the key in the door will work, obviously.

Tried looking in the manual but all the talk of double-locking just confused me. i'm not sure if I've activated something else (hence the not locking) or if I have a fault somewhere..

Any ideas?

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Some people I'm speaking to think that the rear wiper should not be moving, and therefore there is an issue with wiring.

1: Should the rear wiper move when I lock/unlock the car remotely?

2: How would I go about checking the wiring to find any faults?

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In the interest of keeping this topic updated (for futureproofing purposes!):

I *think* I've deduced that the problem lies within the wire loom connecting the boot to the car. I'll take the car to a mechanic's and ask them to inspect the wiring tomorrow. My current suspicion is that the "lock" wire and the "wiper" wire are mixing signals up - they're probably torn, or touching.

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Apparently my hunch was incorrect. I took the car to an auto sparky today, who checked my wire loom between the boot and the car, but he says all the wires look fine, and he cannot detect a fault. It's annoying, because it happens VERY intermittently - and the fault decided not to happen whilst he was testing it. :(

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