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Mk2.5 Focus Zetec S Rear Bumper Extension Colour...


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After a couple of members were struggling to find an official colour for the silver/grey section on the popular body kit for the Zetec S, I decided to do some digging...

Many emails and phone calls were had between myself and Alicia from Fords Customer service Centre, their tech department for a while refused to believe that it was a ford fitted part, until I gave them the FINIS number and a picture of my car!! (Yes I am one of those customers lol)

All in all, it's not good news, apparently there is not a paint code or official colour for the grey/silver section, and the best they can say is take someone's car to a dealer with bodyshop and get it colour matched.

I can only think that the top section is colour coded to the car and the lower section is left as is and then just lacquered.

Sorry I couldn't bring good news and a paint code, but sadly Ford don't have the info to give.


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Thanks for taking the time to investigate it mate,

I settled for peugeot Graphite Grey on mine.

It took two cans from Halfords. I bought 3 but body shop only used two and i kept reciept left one back lol

I found it ideal to go to Halfords and pick up a can of my car body colour, then pick up different shades of Grey (not 50 lol)

To best match my requirments.



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